High Pressure Laminate exterior wall cladding solutions feature premium exterior grade clads that are designed to beautify the exteriors of residential or commercial properties. They protect your structures from the wear and tear that is caused by external factors like water, wind, sun, dust, rain etc. Greenlam exterior clads come with a 10-year warranty with an exclusive range which is fire retardant, making them highly durable. Plus, being easy to maintain they also help reduce the cost of maintenance needed for a building. The exterior clads come equipped with an unmatched GLE Technology that makes them fade resistant, resistant against microbial threats, weather-proof and fire-resistant, hence apt for exteriors. Claddings from Greenlam come with special fasteners which are made using non-corrosive materials like stainless steel and aluminum that offer better colour fastening properties.


Fiber cement Board excellent mechanical characteristics make it one of the most suitable cladding materials for reliable, elegant and high quality solutions. Colour nuances, little conglomerates of raw materials and faint smoothed lines characterise its surface. A water repellent, colourless substance scattered on the boards, reduces absorption, helping the panel to finish its aging for the next 2/3 years. It also helps to reduce water and dirt spots. This treatment exalts the natural features of the surface, keeping the innate authenticity of this product unchanged for a long time.